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在把這公司命名為 Hello! CHEF 的時候,很多人都有相同的疑問。婚禮攝影和廚師究竟有什麼關連?不怕客人會以為你們是做飲食的嗎?在這裡我就以簡短的篇幅為大家講解一下我們對婚禮攝影的理念和宗旨,希望大家在了解過後,可以從中找到答案!


你們的食材已準備好了吧?那麼再次歡迎你來到 「Hello! CHEF」!!!

Many people have the same question on our company name when we named her as “Hello! CHEF”, What’s the relationship between wedding photography and chef? Won’t you consider the client may misunderstand that you are doing catering business? In short, let me explain our concept on wedding photography and hope you can find the answer by yourself.

Our understanding of wedding photographer is a reporter just like doing news report! In a wedding, there are many parties. Big as a backdrop, slight as a facial expression, improvised to be the unique wedding of you! And our job is to choose your “ingredients” painstakingly with our experience and vision, to cook photos and photos of valuable scenes. A memorable meal emphasis on the harmony of different ingredients and the diner have their meal with the elaborate menu designed by their chef, each of them play the role of the past with the future!Likewise, we are hoping that when our client enjoying the photos, they can feel all the happiness, anger, sadness and joy again truly, it will becomes a life lasting story with lots of scenes in their heart.

Have you prepared your ingredients well? Then, welcome again to “Hello! CHEF”!


Room 121 , 1/F Innocentre 72 Tat Chi Avenue Kowloon Tong
3153 2185



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