卉豐國際 Beautiful Package 十全十美套餐


花球,襟花 $3,580 起

預訂優惠:HK$3,580 $500
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Beautiful Package 十全十美套餐

新娘 Bridal
1) 花球 (可選花類 ~ A , B , C 材類 ) x 1 pc
( 如選以下花材須另付 ~ D $300 )
Bouquet (Only A , B , C flower) x 1 pc
2) 頭花( 跟花球主色 ) x 2 set
Head Flower x 2 set
新郎 Groom
襟花 + 扣針托 x 2 pc
Corsage +Tie Pin x 2 pc

主婚人 Parents
蕙蘭襟花 + 扣針托 x 4 pc
Cymbidium Corsage + Tie Pin x 4 pc

伴娘 Maid of Honor
玫瑰小花球 x 1 pc
Rose Small Bouquet x 1 pc

兄弟姊妹 Brothers Sisters
玫瑰襟花 + 扣針托 / 珠珠手鍊 x 12 pc
Rose Corsage / Hand Flower + Tie Pin / Rope x 12 pc

感謝花束Thank you Bouquet
玫瑰20枝或多頭百合3枝 x 2 bun
Rose 20pc or Multi Lily 3pc x 2 bun

花車Wedding Car
玫瑰車頭花 + 車門4個(包到店安裝) x 1 pc
Rose Wedding Car Decoration
(included installation at shop) x 1 pc
**D類花材 (鬱金香 牡丹 小牡丹 美國玫瑰等)除外
**Except flowers of type D (Peony Tulip America Rose Ranunculus)
Small Bouquet for Maid of Honor can be changed to 10 pcs of Relatives Corsage
花類 A: 玫瑰 桔梗 太陽菊 百合 乒乓菊Rose Eustoma Gerbera Lily Ping Pong
花類 B: 大蕙蘭 小蕙蘭 繡球 胡姬 向日葵 Cymbidium Mini-Cymbidium Hydrangea
花類 C: 風信子 馬蹄蘭 朱頂蘭 較剪蘭 愛麗斯 Hyacinthus Calla Lily Amaryllis Freesia Iris
花類 D: 美國玫瑰 鬱金香 小牡丹 牡丹 USA Rose Tulip Ranunculus Peony

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Wayfoong Florist International Limited has commenced the sales and marketing of various floral merchandise since 1980s. In the 1990s, the company also developed and produced high-quality seedlings, as well as improved breeding technology. Wayfoong’s export market covers all over the world. Having our own productions and direct sales network, we are able to ensure all fresh-cut flowers in good quality. We also directly import a wide range of seasonal flowers from different parts of the world, so as to make every product a unique masterpiece.
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